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Two decades in the software industy? I’ve learned a few things.

Hi, I’m Wes and I’ve been consulting on elearning solutions since 2009. Prior to getting into the online learning industry, I was a classroom software trainer, project manager, implementer, tech support rep and occasional developer when I was really feeling fancy. Or was at a client site with a broken solution to implement.

My goal is to share the knowledge I’ve gained from a whole lotta years in the software industry. Given that I started back in 1998, It’s been quite a journey! From helping the programmers fix potential Y2K problems in a COBOL payroll system to leading HR managers in developing their first SQL reports, I got off to a running start and have spent time in just about every department at a software company. (Except accounting. I got a C. Sorry Dad.)

My passion, as I’ve discovered over time, is in training. I’ve spent 20 years walking clients through support calls, managing project implementations, and seeing the points where we get stuck. I’ve got a feel for helping the end user get what they want, meeting a client’s needs, and pointing the companies I work with towards providing the best support we can, with a few bells and whistles thrown in to make it a really great learning experience.

So let’s take a journey together. We’ll use my experience to put your content out where it belongs, and have some great conversations on the way.



#edtech #accessibility #onlinelearning. Community Team member at Totara Learning. he/him. Official Totara news: @TotaraLearning

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